Free (coming up)

The free tier is meant to provide an accessible way to experience what haptics are and what can be done with haptic signals. For that, it includes the most important basic functionalities:

  • 1 customizable project
  • up to 2 customizable tracks
  • up to 5 blocks per track
  • live feedback on mobile devices (currently supporting iPhones only, sorry Android users =/, we're working on it!)
  • live feedback on the Hapticlabs Satellite
  • loop mode to repeatedly play back a track saved on the satellite based on a high signal on pin 1 or the touch pad
  • linear fades for frequency and intensity
  • square wave vibrations
  • sawtooth wave pulses
  • a function exporter to use with our Arduino library

The free tier is only available for personal, not for professional or commercial use.

Starter <pro-label>★ starter<pro-label>

The starter tier is the natural next step after the free tier. It includes all functionalities from the free tier and allows you to dive deeper into the world of haptic exploration and development with the following additional features:

  • infinite customizable projects (your storage medium is the limit!)
  • infinite customizable tracks
  • infinite blocks per track
  • trigger mode to play back tracks saved on the satellite based on rising or falling edges, for e.g. press-release interactions
  • individual settings for both pin 1 and pin 2
  • sine, square and sawtooth waves for vibrations
  • sine, square and sawtooth waves for pulses
  • project import and export
  • a TCP-based API to trigger haptic signals from Unity, Python, TouchDesigner, or any custom program!
  • exponential fades for intensity (coming up)

Pro <pro-label>★ pro<pro-label> (coming up)

The pro tier unlocks the full potential of the Hapticlabs Satellite! It includes all the functionalities of the starter tier and allows you to create even more advanced prototypes and implementations using these additional features:

  • uploading projects to the Hapticlabs Satellite
  • UART communication to the Hapticlabs Satellite from your microcontroller
  • ProtoPie custom bridge to trigger haptic signals
  • advanced dynamic features for the TCP-based API
  • dynamic playback of tracks saved on the satellite based on input pin voltage
  • support for Hapticlabs Driver Extension Boards to evaluate different technologies, such as piezo actuators
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