Within track, feedback patterns can be defined.

Single tracks

Single tracks consist of a sequence of blocks and can be played back on either a single channel, or both at the same time.

Stereo tracks

A Stereo tracks consist of two references to Single Tracks. Stereo tracks allow you to simultaneously playback different feedback on the two output channels of the satellite unit such as a fade from Actuator A to Actuator B. ou can find out more about "Stereo tracks" in the Stereo Track Section.

Creating tracks

Using the “Add Track” button on the top left of the Track Editor, you can create a new Single track. To create a new Stereo track, click the “v”-button to the right of the “Add Track” button and select “Stereo track”. An alternative way to create tracks is to use the “Track” drop-down menu.

Playing tracks

To play back a track on an actuator connected to the Satellite, press the yellow play button located on the bottom of the grey area on the left end of the track. An alternative way to play a track is to select a track and then pressing the space key or using the “Play” drop-down menu.

Stopping track playback

While a track is running, its yellow play button turns into a stop button. By pressing the stop button, you can stop the track playback. Alternatively, you can press the space key or use the “Play” drop-down menu.

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