Feedback from the satellite can not only be triggered through external HW such as buttons and sensors, but also through a software interface (Serial communication).

This includes three steps:

  1. Uploading a project within Hapticlabs Studio
  2. Establishing a Serial connection from your preferred software
  3. Sending the playback command

Upload projects <pro-label>★ starter<pro-label>

Within the "track" window menu you will find the "Upload project to Satellite" option. This will save all tracks from the currently opened project to the satellite. Individual tracks are triggered by calling their unique name, for that make sure to keep the track names distinct and not include any special characters such as: '(', ')', '"', ';', '/', '\n' (newline), '\0' (NUL). The track name is case sensitive eg. "Track A" is refering to a different track than "Track a".

Establish a serial connection

Only a single serial communication can be stablished to the Satellite at once. Before connecting to an external API, make sure to disconnect the Satellite within the connection menu inside Hapticlabs Studio.

Trigger an uploaded track

Set the baud rate to 115200 in the external application. To trigger the playback of an uploaded track simply send the following command, where "trackName" is a reference to your unique naming of the uploaded track. startTrack("trackName");

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