Stereo tracks

A Stereo tracks consist of two references to Single Tracks. Stereo tracks allow you to simultaneously playback different feedback on the two output channels of the satellite unit such as a fade from Actuator A to Actuator B.

Stereo tracks are linked: Whenever you make changes to one of the references Single Tracks, the stereo track will update to reflect those changes.

Populating stereo tracks

When you first create a stereo track, it will be empty, displaying two panels that read “Select track to add”. Add tracks to your stereo track by clicking these panels and selecting the tracks you would like to play back in stereo. You can abort the track selection by clicking in the white area of the stereo track or hit the ESC key.

Replacing stereo track references

When you wish to replace one of the Single track references in a Stereo track, click on the track inside the Stereo track that you aim to replace (the top half of the track for channel A, the bottom half for channel B). Then, you can select another Single track to replace that reference in the Stereo track. You can abort the track selection by clicking again into the Stereo track.

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