The Block Settings menu

After selecting a block, you can modify its parameters in the Block Settings menu. This menu is located at the top of the Settings panel. The settings vary by block type.

Most values are represented by a slider. They can be adjusted in two ways:

  1. Dragging the slider to the right to increase the value and to the left to decrease it.
  2. Clicking the number of milliseconds and entering an exact value.

Furthermore, most values have maximum and minimum values that can not be exceeded.


All blocks have a duration parameter, specifying how long the block will be executed before proceeding to the next block. In addition to the slider, this value can be adjusted by pulling the right border of the block right or left with your mouse.

Maximum: 2000 ms, Minimum: 1 ms

*Comming soon: Present 3 Block Types and refere to thayr different Settings

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