Hapticlabs DevKit

Create tangible interactions and augment your surroundings
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Connect and hit play


Design a haptic pattern in Hapticlabs Studio.


Connect the DevKit and hit play for instant evaluation.


Create interactive prototypes and test them in the final context.
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All-in-one DevKit

Small size

The small footprint enables effortless integration into the object of your choosing.

Actuators included

Three types of actuators are included to help you evaluate the most suitable technology for your application.

Get interactive

Connect to sensors and MCUs to trigger the feedback.

Connect & Play

All components are plug&play and get you vibing within minutes.
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Create functional prototypes


Trigger in Hapticlabs Studio

Hit play and feel your design instantly through our DevKit or the iOS Player App.

Use sensors

Connect analog sensors directly to the DevKit for simple prototypes and interactions.

Use Software

Hapticlabs Studio connects via TCP to Protopie, Unity, Touchdesigner and many more!

Use another Microcontroller

Use an external Microcontroller, Arduino or Raspberry for complex interactions. Check out our integrations.
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What's included

The DevKit includes everything you need to get started:
1x Satellite unit (Two channel output)
2x Sensors (Button and capacitive touch)
3x Actuators (ERM, LRA and VoiceCoil)
1x USB-C Cable
1x Sensor cable
1x I/O to Dupont adapter

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
What actuators can I attach?
Any type of electro-magnetic actuators can be used, such as ERM, LRA and Voice Coil actuators. For more detail on the electrical specifications, take a look at the datasheet or reach out!
How about sensor input?
There are two ways to interface with hardware sensors: You can directly attach our sensor board included in the Devkit, or use your own analog sensors attached to the satellite.
For more advanced interactions you can also use your favourite Microcontroller to trigger the feedback on our satellite unit through PWM or UART. Learn more in our documentation.

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Instant playback
Explore tangible interactions
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