Opportunity areas

Any physical interaction can be augmented through haptics. The following opportunity areas highlight the advantage and benefits of introducing tangible feedback into your application.
Where to start?
The principles are grouped by the stages of a user-centred design process. For each stage you will find a description of the task as well as the recommended outcome. Keep in mind that every application is different, and account for multiple iterations along the way to achieve the desired outcome.

It's a good idea to go through the principles and process steps before starting a new project. This allows you to become familiar with the overall structure and will help you focus on the most important aspects. Throughout the project, you can refer to each phase separately and use the principles to cross-check your ideas or gather inspiration.
For additional mobile tailored insights, also take a look at guidelines by →Apple or →Android.

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Haptic feedback can be used to substitute or relief other modalities, simplifying the interaction, making it perceived with less effort or increase the comfort.


Object interactions can be based on human interaction patterns to reach a more seamless, intuitive or emotional experience

Safety feature

Due to the seamless integration, haptic feedback can be used in critical situations without disrupting the users' perception.


Haptic feedback can be used to create intuitive guiding systems by utilising multiple actuators or directional feedback.


Haptic feedback can be used to communicate brand values or brand specific characteristics.

Tailored feedback

Digital haptic feedback allows to tailor the feedback to each interaction.

Object design

Haptic feedback can lead to different product designs by replacing mechanical interfaces with surface haptics.


Haptic feedback can be utilised to make interactions more rich, prominent or to add  a certain characteristic.


Haptic feedback is great for inclusive interactions and support application for both visually or hearing impaired users.
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