Hardware Components

The Hapticlabs DevKit contains all the necessary hardware to get you started with your haptics project within the blink of an eye:

  • 1x Hapticlabs Satellite
  • 1x voice coil actuator
  • 1x ERM actuator
  • 1x LRA actuator
  • 1x Touch sensor board
  • 1x Dual button sensor board
  • 1x USB-C Cable
  • 1x Sensor cable
  • 1x I/O to Dupont adapter

Satellite unit

The Hapticlabs Satellite allows instantly playback of haptic signals designed in Hapticlabs Studio. To get an overview of the Hapticlabs Satellite, visit the Setellite Section.

Sensor modules

The sensor modules allow triggering Hapticlabs tracks with a simple touch or by pressing a button. They connect to the Satellite unit with the included Adapter Cable (JST PH-4 4-pole connectors) and can be easily mounted to prototypes using their two 2.5 mm holes.


In the box, you will an example for each of the three major classes of haptic actuators.The included Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) is provided by Vybronics (Model: VC1234B016F). The included Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA)  is provided by Vybronics (Model: VG1040003D)The included Voice coil is provided by TitanHaptics (Model: Drake low frequency)Play around with all of them and find out their distinct characteristics!


All necessary cables are included to get started:
- 2x Actuator extension cables  (the electric signal might deteriorate). 1x Male-to-male JST PH-4 connector allows connecting the  sensor boards to the Satellite module.In addition a male-to-male JST PH-4 to 2.54 mm jumper pin connector allows you to connect the Satellite unit to a breadboard, facilitating the integration in your existing setup.

For the full specifications, consult the data sheet.

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