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Are you looking for support to bring your haptic vision to life? Boost your product development with the help of our team! We are specialised in crafting both functional, meaningful and magical experiences.

Creating haptic strategies

Which benefits could haptics add to your application? How can you utilise haptics so bring value to your users and customers?
We help you identify opportunities and create a tangible vision for your upcoming product!
Innovation Workshops
Design Thinking
Tech Consulting
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Building haptic brands

Visual and sonic feedback is essential to establish a memorable brand experience. Bring it to the next level, by adding a unique haptic brand experience. We can support you in crafting distinctive tactile signals that seamlessly enhance your brand presence across products and environments.
Event ShowCase

Designing haptic UX

Haptic interactions offer various benefits, ranging from improved accessibility, private communication to immersive experiences. We can help you enrich your interactions with tangible feedback, delivering an exceptional user experience.
Haptic UX Design
Inclusive Design
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Prototype and develop haptic interactions

Functional prototypes are crucial to evaluate haptic concepts. Our team can craft custom demos ranging from simple mock-ups to immersive experiences, effectively showcasing your haptic vision with implementation in mind. Reach out to learn more about our hardware and software development capabilities.
Mobile Apps
Desktop applications

Haptic Product integration

Choosing the right technology and creating consistent haptic experiences across platforms can be challenging. Our team collaborates closely with you to seamlessly integrate high-quality haptics into your product, selecting the most suitable components for your application.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Haptic training

Do you want to get started with haptics but don't know where to begin? Our interactive workshops provide training on haptic design and its applications.

Explore tangible interactions and bring immersive experiences to any product

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