Plug & play development at your hands

Create haptic prototypes within minutes

It’s a no-code, instant feedback development kit

Designing haptics is no easy job. Our toolkit offers everything you need to create immersive interactions within minutes. Parametric adjustments, dynamic effects and instant playback at your fingertips.

Intuitive drag&drop design

Easily design haptics through visual components and simple parameters. Create calming vibrations, dynamic rhythms or a crisp pulse and fine tune it to your needs.

Plug&play evaluation

No more soldering or guesswork. Attach any electro-magnetic actuator to our satellite unit and experience your design in real time.
One actuator is not enough? Make use of two independent channels to build your next stereo feedback.

Explore tangible interactions

Brainstorm ideas in any material and surroundings to bring them to reality. Build rumbling wallets, purring pillows or shaking insoles.

Cut down your development time

Don’t waste time evaluating haptic interactions at the last stage. Put the satellite into your cardboard model, 3D-print, mock-up.. and begin designing!
Our toolchain supports you from the early research to the final implementation.

Can't wait to try? Neither can we.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actuators can I attach?
Any type of electro-magnetic actuators can be used, such as ERM, LRA and Voice Coil actuators.
Can I become a beta tester?
We are running the current Beta test with selected users only. Reach out to discuss your application or project!
Does it support sensor input?
You can directly attach analog sensors to the satellite or dynamically trigger it through your favourite MCU!
What OS does Hapticlabs support?
Hapticlabs runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
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