Baglight haptic navigation

A multifunctional fanny pack that help you navigate safely in traffic

Tom Rosenbaum, HTW Berlin


In times of increasing bicycle and micro-vehicle mobility, road safety is particularly important. BAGLIGHT is designed to create a a low-risk commute by utilising haptic navigation visual communication.

Baglight is a <marked>multifunctional<marked> fanny pack

It navigates users safely through traffic via vibration impulses and indicates changes in the direction of travel as a light signal to other road users. The volume of the bag is flexibly adapted to its contents by a compartment mechanism. The BAGLIGHT is made of weatherproof fabric and a robust case so that it can be used in any situation and its contents are safely stored.‍

<marked>Translating<marked> navigation into haptic and visual signals

Utilising haptic for navigation cues has the benefit of not interrupting the users' attention while riding in traffic. More info on advantages can be found in the Opportunity areas. The BAGLIGHT can be connected to common navigation apps and translates their navigation into haptic and visual signals. For this purpose, the intensity of the vibration and the light color can be individually set in the BAGLIGHT-App.

Make your ideas tangible

University of Applied Sciences Berlin meets hapticlabs visited the HTW (Berlin University of Applied Sciences) in multiple workshops throughout the project "Closeness over Distance - Haptic Communication via Smart Textiles". Through interactive sessions and hands-on prototyping, students were taught the basics of haptic feedback and how to design intuitive and meaningful interactions.

Utilise the <marked>opportunities<marked> of haptics interactions

Simplify/ de-clutter

Haptic feedback can be used to substitute or relief other modalities, simplifying the interaction, making it perceived with less effort or increase the comfort.


Object interactions can be based on human interaction patterns to reach a more seamless, intuitive or emotional experience

Safety feature

Due to the seamless integration, haptic feedback can be used in critical situations without disrupting the users' perception.

Provide guidance

Haptic feedback can be used to create intuitive guiding systems by utilising multiple actuators or directional feedback.


Haptic feedback can be used to communicate brand values or brand specific characteristics.

Tailored feedback

Digital haptic feedback allows to tailor the feedback to each interaction.

Object design

Haptic feedback can lead to different product designs by replacing mechanical interfaces with surface haptics.


Haptic feedback can be utilised to make interactions more rich, prominent or to add  a certain characteristic.


Haptic feedback is great for inclusive interactions and support application for both visually or hearing impaired users.

Learn more about advantages and explore opportunites areas for tangible interfaces

Opportunity Areas

Build tangible prototypes

Smart <marked>textile<marked> integration

Two actuators on the inner ends of the fanny pack generate vibrations. A challenge was to provide enough body contact even through thick jackets for the user to experience the haptic signals. An LED strip underneath the fan generates the light signal. The Hapticlabs satellite and LEDs are triggered by an Arduino controller and powered via a battery bank. The prototype was partly 3D printed, vacuum formed and as well as sewn. For the exhibition, two external buttons allowed visitors to trigger the feedback manually.

Built it yourself!


Create your own interactions with Hapticlabs Studio

Create stereo haptics within minutes and develop tangible interactions!

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