A toolkit vision

Currently available tools make it really difficult for creator without a background in software or electronics to build prototypes and design feedback characteristics.

Why can't it be as easy as setting up a playlist of your favourite tunes?
Or edit an image on the go?

To deal with this challenge I am developing the hapticlabs toolkit, which will allow you to experience customised tactile feedback within minutes.

It's mobile

The toolkit consists of two parts: A mobile application where you can design the feedback to your needs and a hardware satellite allowing you to experience the feedback in real-time.

Complete freedom

Inside the editor you can intuitively create tailored feedback patterns. This allows for quick iterations and endless possibilities even for complex haptic cues.

Intuitive control

No prior knowledge of electronics or coding is required to get started. Simply drag and arrange the haptic building haptic blocks along the timeline. They can be used to combine vibration, clicks, pause or samples.

Fully customisable

Each block can be individually customised through the basic parameters but also further modulated by adding effects such as a ramp, reverb or pulse.

Under the hood

At any time you can trigger the feedback and experience your creation by attaching a suitable vibrotactile actuator to the satellite. The unit not only allows you to connect two actuators at the same time, but also features battery management and sensory input to trigger the internal memory.

Ready, set, prototype

Create prototypes and user tests within minutes and make you concepts come alive. The small size satellite can easily be attached or integrated into many shapes and materials suitable to your step in the process.

What's next?

The toolkit is currently under development and constantly taking shape.
Are you a code magician, electronics lover and interested in joining forces?

Shoot me a mail and let's talk!

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